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5 Top Winter Picnic Spots

There simply isn’t a bad time of year when it comes to enjoying what North Cornwall has to offer as far as picnic destinations are concerned. Most people would assume that a picnic is reserved for summer, but this isn’t true. There’s nothing better than getting out on a fresh sunny day in winter, getting wrapped up and relishing the fresh air and stunning scenery. This is also an activity many people can chose to partake in when they’re accompanied by their pets if they’ve ventured to the area to stay in pet friendly accommodation. So here’s our run down of 5 of the best winter picnic spots in North Cornwall.

1 Bude Marshes Nature Reserve:
If you are a wildlife lover then this is the one for you. You can expect to see migrant birds and there’s always a chance you might catch sight of the elusive otter while relaxing in the rich green surroundings.

2 Chapel Porth
Set in an old mining valley, Chapel Porth offers excellent cliff walks and picturesque views of the stunning coast. You can rest assured that this is a great spot to sit and enjoy some really Cornish beauty.

3 Cardingham Woods
Make your way down to Cardinham Woods and find yourself your own quiet little spot. You’ll be surrounded by the soothing chirps of the birds and you can also take in the sights around the 650 acres of the woodland.

4 Kit Hill
Kit Hill Country Park in Callington possesses some of the best picnicking views you can expect to see, far & wide. The scenes of Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor will simply leave you longing for the next trip with your thermos and blanket. You can also wander round and explore the historic archaeology to work up an appetite or once the food has settled.

5 St Agnes Head
There are more than 70 footpaths and bridleways offering direct access to the South West Coastal Path, and also sitting in a designated ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ this spot is one for every kind of picnic fan. Pure & simple bliss.