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scones cornwall
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The Great Scone Debate- How do you eat yours?

So, while the darker nights begin to set in, we want to reminisce on a rather nice summer in the region. Perhaps you too had a lovely experience in the diamond jewel of Cornwall. In that case you would know that one of the culinary delights in Cornwall has to be its scones and we’re discussing the age old debate of the construction of the scone.

Now we know that while you are enjoying a holiday in Cornwall, it would not be complete without indulging in one of the regions finest pleasures…. The cream tea.

Just setting the scene; you’re sat in the pleasure of the picturesque setting that is Cornwall, you are presented with your cream tea, but, there is one culinary hurdle to overcome before this tasty treat is consumed. This stems from the “cream tea war” that exists between the neighbouring counties of Devon and Cornwall.

In Devon the method of construction is to divide the scone into two halves and then apply the clotted cream to each half of the scone and finally topping with jam. If you are on the Cornish side of the border, the belief is that you should apply the jam first and then apply the cream on top of the jam.

Cornwall already possesses EU protection over the coveted “Cornish clotted cream” that we all know and love in our scones, so does that mean the Cornish have the upper hand in this sustenance scrap? The earliest historical records that relate to cream teas actually date back to the 11th Century at Tavistock Abbey in Devon, so we’ll let you decide.

Whichever way you choose to piece your scone together, the debate will always be ever-present. One thing is sure to put the dilemma on hold though, and that is the knowledge that you are experiencing a fantastic vacation in one of the country’s finest areas.
Who knows, perhaps you should try the scone with jam then cream as well as cream then jam. For research purposes of course…….

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